Maureen McHugh has written four novels and two collections of short stories.  Her first novel, China Mountain Zhang, is available as either a trade paperback or e-book from Tor books.

Her two collections, Mothers & Other Monsters and After the Apocalypse are available from Small Beer Press.

After the Apocalypse is what a story collection should be: urgent, various, all of a piece. Whether she’s writing about disease or dirty bombs or refugee camps in Canada, McHugh focuses always on those people who suffer first and suffer most when things fall apart.”
—Aaron Thier, The Nation

“Each tale is a beautifully written character study. . . . McHugh’s great talent is in reminding us that the future could never be weirder — or sadder — than what lurks in the human psyche. This is definitely one of the best works of science fiction you’ll read this year, or any thereafter.”
—Annalee Newitz, NPR

Maureen F. McHugh Books
» China Mountain Zhang
» After the Apocalypse
» Mothers & Other Monsters
» Nekropolis
» Half The Day Is Night
» Mission Child

Stories are available to read for free online.
» The Naturalist at Subterranean Press
» Useless Things at Apex Magazine
» The Kingdom of the Blind at Lightspeed Magazine
» The Effect of Centrifugal Forces at